There are a lot of apartments in Dallas. Let us find the perfect one for you.

Our expert apartment locators streamline the apartment search process. Tell us what you want,  we’ll find it, tour it and get you into the perfect spot. Whether you’re looking for something in the  ‘burbs or in Downtown Dallas, we’ve got you covered.

A Year of Rent Back

We're the only apartment locators that can offer you a year of apartment rent towards the purchase of a new home. 

FREE Service

We find you everything you've ever wanted in an apartment and give you a path to owning a home. There are NO hidden fees! Simply designate ROU Locating as your referral source when touring apartments.

Personalized Search, Tailored to You

Our agents are dedicated to finding you the perfect place to call home, not just getting it done quickly. We don't take short-cuts and our process is centered around our partnership with you. 

Our L.E.A.S.E. Process

Learn Your Preferences

Everyone has dealbreakers and wishlists, but our process starts with more than that simple discovery. We get to know you personally, so that we can make sure that everything about your new place + neighborhood is exactly perfect. 
Explain Current Market Conditions

When we say we’re apartment experts, we don’t just mean we know what properties have the amenities you’re looking for. In addition to outlining the Rent-Back program, we’ll clue you in on current trends and market conditions in the area.
Acquire Personalized Options

We’ll send over a detailed report of the places we think you’ll love, along with our notes about how we think each property aligns with what you are looking for. Missed the mark? We’ll start again!
See Your Favorites

Whether you want to see every suggested property or just a few, we’ll schedule tours for you and tag along to make sure you’re getting all your questions answered by the leasing team. Can’t make it? We’ll Facetime you! 
Enjoy Your Rent-Back

Ah, that fresh Rent-Back credit feeling. Move in and make your monthly rent payments with a smile on your face, knowing your Rent-Back credit is growing towards the purchase of a new home at lease end. When you’re ready to buy, we’ll be there!  

Narrow down your DFW search.

Whether you’re looking for something in the ‘burbs or right in the city of Dallas, we’ve got you covered. Read about the unique neighborhoods and find your match.
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