We’re Rent-On-Us Realty, but our friends call us ROU Realty.

(Psst.. you’re our friend now.)

We’re a solutions-oriented team brought together by a shared belief that we can drive the evolution of homeownership through meaningful, empowering partnerships that prioritize what’s really important here: you. We’re your right-hand agent at any stage, whether that’s finding an apartment as unique as you, a home to grow with or a home to grow old in.

We believe in what we offer and we believe in you.

Convenience + Ease of Communication

Life isn’t an 8-5 gig and neither are we. What works for you is what works for us. We’re available when you need us and are down to text, call, email, Facetime, or meet up for coffee (happy hour?).

Expert Advice Tailored to You. (For FREE. Seriously.)

Nothing should be a one-size fits all, especially not the search for the space you’re going to call home. Really, we’re more of a match.com than a tinder: we’re in it for the long haul and we truly want to know you, because, just like your mom always said, that’s what you deserve.

Rent-Back Program

It’s like a gift from yourself to your future self. When you work with our agents to find an apartment, your next year of rent is banked toward the purchase of your own home. Guess who else can offer that? Nobody. Oh, and obviously we’ll be there for the home search: wouldn’t miss it.

We are driven by our guiding principles.

Empowerment, Growth Through Partnerships

Our agents are the type of people that see every day as a chance for individual and professional growth, and more importantly an opportunity to share their experience and knowledge. We’re here to empower you to make confident and educated decisions about homeownership.

Solutions, Not Short-Cuts.

You want a lot out of a place you’re going to call home and you know what? So do we. We’ll always be transparent about what is and isn’t possible, but we take pride in being able to check off the boxes on your wishlist, without looking for short-cuts.

Authenticity + Approachability

Our agents are the type of people you’ll want to hear from because they’re the type of people we want to share an office with! They’re here for genuine conversation and honest feedback. It’ll be just like asking your best friend if you’re pulling off that new hat!

We were born in Dallas, TX.

The best businesses are born as a solution to a problem. Did you think we were going to say the stork brought them? Please: call your parents.
Among our friends, peers and colleagues, we kept seeing the same thing: A generation resigned to the idea that eh, maybe they’ll just rent forever. What else could they do? The student loans. The credit card debt. The small savings accounts.
So we thought and we thought, then we took a snack break and thought some more. Our break-through? Take the rent and make it the home. So wise, right? Several whiteboard sessions later, we had the Rent-Back-Program.
And now, thanks to whatever brought you here, you have it too.

We're not too good to be true, but we should be.

Have you ever thought about how much money you spend a year on rent? Spoiler alert: it’s $$$$, not $.
This may not be your favorite math problem right now, but with the Rent-Back-Program, you may just decide to get it tattooed.

Rent Back Calculator

$900 Monthly Rent
$2,100 Monthly Rent