Rent-Back-Program Frequently Asked Questions

We’re paid a referral bonus by apartment properties out of their marketing budget. We’re their top-performing marketing channel, since the only time they pay us is when we deliver results: our client choosing to call their property home!

Simple! 1. Sign ROU’s tenant agreement. We know, sounds heavy, but it isn’t! This doesn’t lock you into ANYTHING; the agreement outlines the terms of the Rent-Back credit. 2. When you tour properties, tell the leasing agent that assists you that you were referred by your ROU agent and when you decide to apply, list your ROU agent’s name on your application.

As Licensed Real Estate Agents, we’re bound by the Texas Real Estate Commission’s law against discussing safety or demographic questions. However, our agents can absolutely make recommendations based on your interests, etc. We’ll get to know you and make a recommendation the same way we would our friends!

Your ROU agent is going to be your best resource for this! Likely, they’re going to recommend checking your credit and debt to income ratios with a lender to get a full picture of where you stand today and any steps you may need to take to position yourself for your dream home.

Most anywhere in DFW! The Rent-Back program isn’t funded by individual properties, so there are no restrictions on where you can lease.

This depends on the home you decide to buy. Both options are outlined below. 1. If you buy a home from one of our qualified builders, you’re eligible for up to $25K, which comes directly from their profits. 2. For all other homes, you’re eligible for a credit of up to 2% of the purchase price (i.e. $6K on a $300K home), which comes directly from our ROU Real Estate agent commission.

Yes! Our agents are unique in the locator world because they are fully licensed Real Estate agents with access to rental homes and apartments. Plus, they have tons of experience as buyer’s agents!

Unfortunately, no. But we can do you one better and find you a better deal than you already have! Let your agent know your exact renewal details and we’ll send you only deals that can beat that. Even if none of them spark your interest, it’s good to leverage to have with your current apartment!

Nearly all North Texas properties require tenants to give a 60-day notice of move -out or renewal. This is the perfect time to hop on your search because you’ll get access to 100% of your options at that 60-day mark, with options falling off the longer you wait!

The short answer is, yes! Every property has different approval criteria, and there are some issues our company specifically can’t workaround, but if you reach out to us, we will get you with the best resource that can help.

Most properties require you to make 3x the monthly rent in pretax (gross) monthly income.

We can help! We can offer up to 2% of the purchase price of a home for clients that haven’t worked with us to lease a property.

Yes, we have townhomes and condos that fit into our program.

That’s ok! The agreement is valid for 26 months to redeem your last twelve months of rent back. If you still aren’t ready after year 2, the contract renews every time you lease through us.

You can use the rent-back program with any lender. We do have a preferred lender we recommend because of their offerings, experience, and customer service (100% financing program, etc.)

We work with properties in DFW, as far North as Prosper, as far East as Mesquite, as far South as Mansfield, and as far West as Lake Worth.

You can absolutely still use our locating services to confirm you’re getting the best deal and utilize our Rent-Back program!

There’s no cost to your landlord, and no additional rent for you!

Both you and your roommate are eligible for the FULL amount of your 12 months of rent back for your own individual home purchases. That’s right, the credit doubles!